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Smoking Fetish Phone Sex

Smoking Fetish Phone Sex

Looking for Smoking Fetish Phone Sex ?

Do you have a Smoking Fetish? When did you first realize you wanted Smoking Fetish Phone Sex? Do you Just enjoy Cigarettes? Or do you also enjoy Cigars and 420 ? What brand or type of cigarettes or cigar  is your favorite? If you like to 420 which strain do you prefer?

When did you first become turned on by smoking?

Remember the first time you lit one up?  Where were you and who were you with? What about smoking made you so hot? Do you like to smoke or prefer to watch a hot girl smoke instead? What do you like to do in the bedroom while you smoke?

What kind of smoking do you enjoy?

Do you like the feeling of a cigar, blunt or cigarettes’ in your hand? Or are you more old school and prefer a pipe? Maybe you like the newer vape pens instead? Is your tobacco or blunt flavored? Some of you might even prefer to use a device like a hookah or bong. Tell me all about it.

Tell me about your Smoking Fetish Phone Sex

What kind of Smoking Fetish Phone Sex do you prefer ? Do you watch others smoke ? Or do you like to have someone to smoke with? Does a cigarette dangling between a ladies fingers turn you on? Perhaps you like the way she brings her cigarette to her mouth? For some a cigarette or cigar looks very phallic.

Smoking Fetish Phone Sex is erotic

For some of you a sexy woman turned you on to smoking. Was it an ex girlfriend or crush?  Or a relative perhaps whom looked like a goddess smoking? Did you admire how erotic and sophisticated smoking made her look? Maybe it was a glamourous actress instead perhaps?

Is your smoking Fetish sexual?

Do you envision  a woman’s mouth around a cock when she smokes? Or do you like the taboo aspects of smoking? Getting caught smoking or sneaking a cigarette? Convincing someone to smoke for the first time can be hot. Do you want to force or be forced to smoke?

What are you smoking kinks?

Is there an aspect of edginess to a smoker you like? Want to tie a girl up and fuck her while you smoke? Or fuck her from behind as she lights one up perhaps? Tell me all about your Smoking fantasies. I love learning your smoking kinks and desires. Lets dive deep into what you lust for.

Do you have an obsession with women who smoke?

Do you fantasizes about me smoking all day, every day? Watching me suck in and blow out a plume of sexy smoke. Watching the end of my cigarette burn like an inferno. Smelling the scent of what I’m smoking mixed with my perfume?

Smoking is satisfying.

There is nothing like a good cigarette to wake you up in the morning. Nothing as satisfying as a good smoke after a good meal. The best is cigarettes after sex. Did you enjoy  looking at pictures of me smoking? Long to smell the cent of cigarettes’ on my breathe?

Do you prefer to just watch?

Are you completely enthralled with watching me smoking? You might even have a smoking kink even if you don’t smoke yourself. Is it the visual of watching a woman smoke, and her mannerisms that turn you on? Do women whom smoke come off as more dominate to you? Do dominate women turn you on?

Confess your Smoking Fetish Phone Sex fantasies to me!

Confess all your Smoking Fetish Phone Sex fantasies to me. Immerse yourself in an erotic sensual experience. Nothing is more gratifying then Cuming with you as we light one up together. Perhaps you also love the way a cigarette looks in a beautiful slender hand. A gorgeous hand with well manicured nails. Did the taboo surrounding smoking make it even more appealing?

Call me for Smoking Fetish Phone Sex

Just imagine me taking sensual drags off my cigarette as we make love. Your cock slow & deep in my hot wet juicy pussy. As I enjoy my cigarette, blunt or cigar. Taking my time to enjoy everything . Taking in the full experience. Living in the moment. Call me and I will satisfy your every Smoking Fetish desire.

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